We Thank You

Thank you for your gifts to the Strawberry Point Lutheran Home Community. Your generosity and thoughtfulness mean a great deal to us and give us the means to complete projects benefiting our residents and the entire community.

2017 4th Quarter Donations:

Monetary Gifts
David Andreae
Bethany Lutheran Church
Emanuel Lutheran Church
Marion Lutheran Church
Dick and Sally Priest
St. John Lutheran Church of Arlington
St John Lutheran Church of Farmersburg
UMW of Strawberry Point
United Methodist of Strawberry Point
Bob Bischoff
Rozella Green
Pastor Al Hock
Mission in Christ
St John of Arlington WELCA
University of Iowa Credit Union
St. Peter Lutheran Church of Garnavillo
St. Paul Lutheran Church of Volga
St. Paul Lutheran Church of Aurora
Norway Lutheran Church
Hope Lutheran Church
St. Sebald Lutheran Church
First Evangelical Lutheran of Manchester
Malorie Klosterman

Lois Banse Memorial:
Harry & Elle Blobaum
LKB Partnership

LaVanda Thompson Memorial:
Delores Boehm

Miriam Gamm Memorial:
Byron Young

Marjorie Young Memorial:
Bill & Katherine Gibson
Byron Young Family

Joanne Downer Memorial:
Delores Boehm

Robert Johnson Memorial:
Rosalind Young
Byron Young Family

Clyde Jennings Memorial:
GRV Resident Council
Helen Jennings

Marie Brenneman Memorial:
Byron Young

Dean Stegen Memorial:
Marilyn & Don Fredrick
Marla Peterson
Betty Sutton

Erling Lohmann Memorial:
Don & Dan Leisinger
Carole Lohmann
John & Vicki Zietlow

Sadie Day Memorial:
Mary Ann Stegen

Kenneth Mosher Memorial:
Rosalind Young
Byron Young

Dorothy Hamlett Memorial:
GRV Resident Council

Lillian Vanter Memorial:
GRV Resident Council


Library Books:
Harry & Elle Blobaum

Cedar Rapids Gazette:
Sharon Greuel

Corene Burke
Melody Stover

Coke Swag:
Marilyn Rubner

Fidget Mats:
Eileen Meyer

Annette Steffens

Corene Burke

Kevin Meyer

Marvin VansCoy