4th Quarter thoughts from SPLHC Executive Director, Cheri Leachman

It is the week after Thanksgiving—that time of the year where we all have too much to do, too little time to accomplish all we think we need to, and yet by years’ end we are ready to move on to January, and to whatever else 2019 brings our way.

To re-cap since our last newsletter – I was very proud to travel to San Diego to accept the Bronze Award for Quality Care on Behalf of all the SPLHC staff at the AHCA/ACAL Conference. It truly was one of those once in a lifetime moments.  Eight facilities from the State of Iowa were represented.  We are now in the process of determining whether we are ready to make application to be considered for the prestigious Silver Award.

While I was in San Diego, the State of Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals surveyors performed our annual inspection.  Everything went very well with it. We received three “cites”, all were corrected at the time of discovery, each was rated at the lowest level, and no fines or other corrective measures were put in place.  Lori, the Director of Nursing Services had been in the building for less than thirty days.  The Inspectors were impressed by her professionalism and knowledge, and her ability to stay calm as she and her staff  were under the microscope. 

We are looking forward to Christmas-Santa will be at all of our Christmas parties.  Please plan to attend if you can, if the scheduled time doesn’t work for you, stop by anytime to share  stories, and make more Holiday memories.  Selecting that perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge-here are a few ideas that residents really enjoy.  An electric razor is the ideal gift for men or women. It is so much nicer when everyone has their own.  Large Print word-find books or coloring books really help the time pass by. Some other favorite gifts to receive are certificates for massages, haircuts, or chamber bucks that can be used at stores in town.  If you have questions about a particular item, don’t hesitate to ask Be sure to mark any items with the resident’s name—use a water-proof, permanent marker.  Reminder: Homemade food items can be given to your loved one, but cannot be shared with other residents.  Items prepared in a professional kitchen can be shared. (This is State and Federal law).

Staff members are not permitted to accept individual gifts from residents or their family.  We do have a Christmas Fund for staff. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I hope to see all of your during the upcoming Holiday Season – it will be my pleasure to wish each and every one a Very Merry Christmas.

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