1st Quarter thoughts from SPLHC Executive Director, Cheri Leachman

As predicted, 2017 did turn out to be one of the most challenging years for anyone involved in the Long Term Care Industry. We, along with every other facility, rode the roller coaster ride known as Medicaid or MCOs for short. The changes were many, and they usually came with a very short turn-around time. Many of the decisions that were once made between residents and their physicians now require an additional one, or in some cases, several steps just to see if it is possible. It always was and will continue to be our number one goal that our residents continue to receive the quality care they deserve. One of the most difficult issues many families face, is how to fill out the Medicaid application. This very time-consuming process that does not allow for errors. The effective date of Medicaid benefits is dependent upon the date the correct application is received by DHS. Prior to October 1, 2017, an applicant could be awarded benefits up to 90 days retroactive. This is no longer the case, so every day lost because of an incomplete application, or lack of support documentation will delay the awarding of benefits. Our office staff is trained on the process, and will gladly assist families making application. Please stop in any time with questions or concerns.

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