We Say GoodBye to our Auxiliary

As many know, SPLHC Auxiliary membership has been dwindling and few are left to organize fundraisers. As a result tough decisions regarding the future had to be made. On January 9, 2017 a special auxiliary meeting was held, ten members, five of who were staff, and two guests were present.  The group voted regrettably to disband the
Strawberry Point Lutheran Home Auxiliary. This was not an easy decision. As the members brainstormed various options, it came down to lack of people power to plan and organizing events. Successful fundraisers take a lot of
dedication and commitment. SPLHC Auxiliary has been blessed with the various volunteers who have been officers and helpers at the events. In summary, and on a positive note it was agreed by everyone, over the years, the SPLHC Auxiliary has done an OUTSTANDING job of fundraising and volunteering for the Strawberry Point Lutheran Home Community. THANK YOU!!!  ☺

Respectively submitted,
Cathy Mills
Auxiliary President and Director of Operations


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